The company Discos Goma was founded in November 1995 by Juan Pablo Lopez and his wife Esther.







Both Juan Pablo & Esther were no strangers to the music industry being that Esther was born into it.  Her father was a part of the legendary Guadalupanos, a Tex-Mex Conjunto Band.   He traveled from the East to the West coast in the USA, and was a true legend in the music field.  He then started his own record label Joey Records & founded the Zaz recording studio in San Antonio, Texas.


Pablo started up in the industry by working with his Father-in-law, and learned the business fairly quickly!  Initially, he gathered beginning artist and would invite them to record with the label.  Soon after though, he started his mini empire as well, so that he could leave his fingerprint on the Music Industry on his own, and so he could pass on his own legacy to his family.


From that core belief, Discos Goma was born…Birthed from the belief that dreams can come true.  Soon, Pablo records his first group, Poder Norteno, but that was just the start!  He went on to record other groups such as Salvajes de Chihuahua, los Jinetes, Linderos de Chihuahua and many more.


Pablo and Esther continued working on their vision that small business can succeed with hard work.  They then signed what would be one of their biggest groups….Conjunto Rio Grande.  Conjunto Rio Grande has helped Discos Goma reach considerable heights!   In 2002, they were nominated in two different categories, and won for the “Most Promising Band of the Year” award from Premios La Raza, held at Universal Amphitheatre in Las Angeles, California.  They have shared the stage with icons such as The Tigres del Norte, Conjunto Primavera, Rieleros del Norte, and much more.


Today, Discos Goma has several bands in different music genres from Mexican Regional to Latin Tropical, under their label from all over the US and Northern Mexico.  They continue to grow and embark on new ventures.  They are currently working on digital music projects as well as expanding to the social media world, to reach even more people.


Discos Goma’s music has a distinct sound that rises above when compared to any other.  They have a sharp focus on music and expansion, but are founded on family, integrity and dedication.


CEO and President of Discos Goma, Juan Pablo Lopez

CEO and President, Juan Pablo Lopez with his wife and business partner, Esther Lopez, Executive Vice President of Discos Goma.

Discos Goma

322 Margo

San Antonio, TX 78223

Oficina: 210-359-6452

Fax: 210-633-9527